Ocean Pines Science Camp,

7 - 9 октября

Впервые совместно с The Coastal Institute мы проводим 3-х дневную программу в лесу на берегу океана для детей от 9 до 14 лет.



Camps in the forest tend to teach forest science and camps by the ocean tend to teach ocean science.  Here at The Coastal Institute, we can do both!  We offer a variety of lessons and activities that focus on different aspects of the California coastline, along with traditional camp activities like target sports, team building challenges, and campfire.


  • AWAKENING CURIOSITY - Curiosity is the foundation of science and is a powerful driving force.  We believe that all children are naturally curious but that sometimes, that curiosity is stifled.  Here at The Coastal Institute, we encourage students to observe, wonder, and ask questions.

  • EXPLORING NATURE - Exploration leads to knowledge.  We want students to get their hands dirty, turn over rocks at the tide pools, and use their senses to explore the world around them as they seek answers to the questions that they’ve asked.

  • CREATING CONNECTIONS - When students work together to answer their own questions, powerful connections are formed.  We want them to connect what they discover at science camp to the concepts that they learn in school but equally important are the connections that they’ll form with each other along the way

Программа включает: Tide Pool Exploration, Animal Adaptation, Team Building/Archery/Tomahawk, Crepuscular Avengers, Campfire.

Проживание в домиках на 8 - 10 человек (bunk beds), 4х - разовое питание.


Отъезд из Сан Хосе в 9 утра в субботу, 7 октября.

Приезд обратно в Сан Хосе в 5 вечера, в понедельник, 9 октября.


Стоимость программы, включая проезд туда и обратно - $450.

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Ocean Pine Science Camp, 7 - 9 октября (заказ до 7 сентября, 2017)